Monday, 10 September 2018

Talkie Talk #28 - Adam Bowen alerts readers to the new movies this week, one holdover and some accolades including for THE NIGHTINGALE (Jennifer Kent, Australia)


Operation FinaleOscar Isaac plays Mossad agent, Peter Malkin, who leads the team that tracks down former SS officer Adolf Eichmann (Ben Kingsley), and brings him to trial for war crimes. Score by Alexandre Desplat.Watch the trailer by clicking here

A Simple Favour - why­, wonders Anna Kendrick, did Blake Lively suddenly disappear from this one-horse town? 

The Beast – a young body builder secretly develops a passion for opera.  

Christopher Robin – animated comedy-drama in which working class bloke, Ewan McGregor, befriends Winnie the Pooh. Tweeness ensues.

Searching – a father desperately seeks his missing daughter, via her laptop. 

The Darkest Minds – Sci-fi thriller set in a world (USA) in which the government interns teens who have superpowers. But Ruby (Amanda Stenberg) escapes!

Teen Titans Go to the Movies – animated action. Teenage superheroes’ Hollywood aspirations are thwarted by a maniac who lusts after world domination (again).

The Predator – the future of the human race is threatened (again) by scary beasts, but the dirty dozen and a science teacher have a crazy plan that might just work.

Still in Cinemas: Mission Impossible: FalloutTowards the end of this latest chapter in the franchise, the exhausted, battered hero, Ethan Hunt (no rhyming gags, please), says to Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson): “Please, don’t make me laugh.” In fact, for a chase-and-biff movie of this ilk, intentional humour is thin on the ground. Our Marrickville correspondent, MEB, remarked, as we shuffled out of the cinema: “I can’t believe how seriously they still take this stuff.” However, Vanessa Kirby (who plays The White Widow) is really enjoying herself. The action is plentiful, but the photographic opportunities presented by the locations are not exploited - or is that Event Cinemas special beige projection?

The Nightingale, the only film at the 2018 Venice Film Festival directed by a woman (Jennifer Kent), won the Special Jury Prize. It also received the Marcello Mastroianni Prize for best young actor - Baykali Ganambarr.Watch a short clip from the movie here

Jennifer Kent
“Few people are more loved and respected in Spanish cinema than the producer, Esther García.” That’s why the jury of the National Film Award (Premio Nacional de la Cinematografía) chose her for this year’s gong. The choice was an extremely popular one in the industry. Check out Esther's cv on IMDb

Esther Garcia
Omaha-born, Writer/Director, Alexander Payne, will preside over the 66th San Sebastián Film Festival, beginning on 21/09/2018. Omaha has produced quite a few screen luminaries, including Marlon Brando, Fred Astaire, Montgomery Clift, Jaime King, Nick Nolte and Dorothy McGuire.
Alexander Payne

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