Sunday 2 September 2018

Talkie Talk #27 - Adam Bowen alerts readers to the week's new films, movies on TV, departed spirits and a music program. Much Oz content.

The Merger -  AFL pro returns to Wagga Wagga, and reluctantly coaches the local team.Watch the trailer here

Wayne –doco about Aussie motorbike legend, Wayne Gardner; directed by Jeremy Sims and photographed by Lensmeister, Steve Arnold ACS. Watch the trailer here

McQueen – doco about the British fashion designer. Fascinating, up to a point: lots about his creations, less about the man, and too much Michael Nyman.

The Nun – horror, overshadowed by the actual terrors suffered in the name of religion. Co-written by Aussie director/producer, James Wan

Juliet, Naked– Nick Hornby romcom starring the great Rose Byrne.Watch the trailer here

Hearts Beat Loud – father and daughter form a song-writing team.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post– a gay teenager (Chloe Grace Moretz) is sent to a conversion therapy centre.

You Were Never Really Here – traumatised Gulf War veteran (Joaquin Phoenix) tracks down missing teenaged girls.

 7pm Saturday on 102.5 fm or stream it during the following 7 days on the Fine Music website Current programme:Bernard Herrmann: Marnie (1964); The Devil & Daniel Webster (1941);Patrick Doyle: Cinderella(2015); Mario Nascimbene: The Barefoot Contessa(1954); Ray Cook: Careful He Might Hear You(1983); Carly Simon: Working Girl(1988)

Fox Classics Tuesday 10am: Leave Her to Heaven (1945) (above) – trashy Technicolor melodrama about a homicidal nutter (Gene Tierney) wreaking havoc at a rustic haven.Watch the trailer here

Fox Classics Thursday 8.35pm & Friday 12.20pm:  The Day of the Jackal(1973) - expertly directed (Fred Zinneman), documentary-style thriller about the attempted assassination of General de Gaulle. Edward Fox is excellent as the meticulous predator.

Fox Classics Thursday 10.15pm & Saturday 1.45pmThe Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) – a small town is taken over by aliens. Creepy, well directed (Don Siegel) thriller in Superscope. Not to be confused with the 1978 re-make.Watch the trailer here

Fox Classics Saturday 830pm:Sunday Bloody Sunday(1971) Beautifully observed character study/love triangle between Glenda Jackson, Peter Finch and Murray Head.

VALE: Some Screen Luminaries who left us in AUGUST 2018
Neil Simon(born 1927), the most successful - ever - Broadway dramatist, whose early career involved writing schtick for TV stars, Sid Caesar and Phil Silvers. He transcribed his gag-packed plays into hit movies, the most famous being The Odd Couple(1968). Simon was the first to maintain that the misery of his Depression-era childhood inspired his best work.

Mary Carlisle
Mary Carlisle (born Gwendolyn Witter, 1914), actress, singer, dancer, veteran of more than 60 movies. Most typically she was an ingénue in musical comedies like Dr Rhythm (1938) with Bing Crosby and Beatrice Lillie. Watch the opening 15 minutes of the film

Winston Ntshona(born 1941) South African actor/writer was best known for his stage work (“Sizwe Banzi is Dead”) Ntshona also appeared in many movies, including The Dogs of War (1980); Gandhi (1982) and Blood Diamond(2006)

Manchester-born (1940) Yvonne Blakedesigned costumes for many movies, including The Eagle Has Landed(1976); Superman (1978) and Goya’s Ghosts(2006)

Cinema Paradiso, Perth
Perth’s Cinema Paradiso: WA correspondent, Michael O’Rourke, laments the closure of his favourite cinema. However, it’s not becoming a carpet warehouse or a car park, but will continue as a cinema under the Luna-Palace aegis. Go here to the new website which has a short 'Farewell Paradiso' clip on the right of the main page. 

Editor’s Note: Adam Bowen is a long time cinephile and producer of ABC Radio’s Screen Sounds on ABC Classic FM. He has been sending out an email to friends and acquaintances about what’s on at the movies, dubbed Talkie Talk. The email is reposted here whenever it appears.

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