Sunday 26 August 2018

Talkie Talk #26 - Adam Bowen alerts readers to the week's new releases and some TV highlights


The Flip Side - Aussie romcom, starring Eddie Izzard and Tina Bursill.

Watch the trailer by clicking here(and read some thoughts by the producer, director and star by clicking here

The Insult(2017) - the prejudices of a Lebanese Christian and a Palestinian refugee go on trial in Beirut.

Watch the trailer by clicking here and click here for some reviews following screenings at the SFF.

Three Identical Strangers – doco about three young men - strangers - who discover they’re triplets, separately adopted. Why?

Crazy Rich Asians– aspirational romcom, starring Constance Wu & Henry Golding

Mile 22 – CIA thriller starring Mark Wahlberg & Lauren Cohan.

Luis & the Aliens – Animated adventure in which a young boy meets 3 aliens. Three ETs for the price of one ticket.

Kin – sci-fi/action/ involving feds, escaped convicts, aliens, a teenage boy and a weapon with magical powers.


Fox Classics Monday 10.50pmThe Gunfighter (1950) - plain, unflashy story of a retired gunman (Gregory Peck), who can’t escape his past. Setting, direction (Henry King) and monochrome photography (Arthur Miller) are spot on.

Fox Classics Tuesday 8.35pm and Wednesday 12.20pm: Rio Bravo (1959) Character piece in which sheriff, John Wayne, his drunken deputy (Dean Martin), ol’ Stumpy (Walter Brennan), and a young gunslinger (Ricky Nelson) take on some evil outlaws. Director Howard Hawks’ answer to High Noon- spun out at a nice leisurely pace, never taking itself too seriously. Also starring Angie Dickinson.

Angie Dickinson, Rio Bravo
Fox Classics Thursday 11.20pm:The Treasure of the Sierra Madre(1948) – in Mexico, three gold prospectors (Humphrey Bogart, Tim Holt and Walter Huston) form an uneasy alliance.

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