Sunday 19 August 2018

Talkie Talk #25 - Adam Bowen gives his weekly take on the current cinema

TALKIE TALK# 25 by Adam Bowen

Film Alert readers requested the mp3 ATTACHMENT of a Talkie Talk interview with Les McLaren & Annie Stiven about their doco, Life is a Very Strange Thing. Send an email to if you would like to receive it.


The Happytime Murders– or the Henson Homicides. Melissa McCarthy investigates who’s been putting puppets to sleep.

Book Club– Comedy in which several middle-aged ladies read “5O Shades of Gray” and dance to Top 40 tunes.

Mirai– animated adventures of a young boy and girl: time travel and an enchanted garden.

Slender Man– Small town girls decide to disprove the sinister internet myth of Slender Man. One of the girls disappears. The remaining pals search in the forest, where Slender Man allegedly lurks. (Don’t go in there!) 


Fox Classics Monday 11.50am Picnic at Hanging Rock(1975)– the director’s cut. In 1900, some boarding schoolgirls disappear while on an outing. Hypnotic, mystic mystery; an Australian classic, directed by Peter Weir; cinematography: Russell Boyd.  Not to be confused with a recent mini-series.

Fox Classics Wednesday 8.35pm & Thursday 1140am: Strangers on a Train (1951) – based on an excellent Patricia Highsmith novel. Tennis star (Farley Granger) meets a swish psychopath (Robert Walker - brilliantly creepy), who proposes they solve their respective problems by swapping murders. High-class Hitchcock; cinematography by Robert Burks.

9Gem Sunday 10.30am: The Comedy Man (1964)Kenneth More stars as an ageing repertory actor, trying his luck in the big city. Breezy, bittersweet portrayal of the daily rounds of a struggling thespian. Also features Angela Douglas, Billie Whitelaw and Cecil Parker

….followed by…

9Gem Sunday 12.20pm: Pool of London (1950) Semi-documentary thriller with great atmosphere, and what must be one of the first screen romances between a West Indian (Earl Cameron) and a white English woman (Susan Shaw).

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