Friday 24 August 2018

Streaming - David Hare adds his voice to the enthusiasts for 4 SEASONS IN HAVANA (Félix Viscarret, Cuba/Spain, 2016)

We are loving this like crazy. Coming recommended originally by Rod Bishop and Geoffrey Gardner
We've devoured three of the four, with the third, Mascaras knocking me completely out. The author, Leonardo Padura and the cast and director of the series, Félix Viscarret are unknown to me but one wants to see much more. Currently on Netflix everywhere. 
Havana itself is the beating heart of the show, endlessly seductive and ridiculously beautiful. All the while, beyond shabby, totally run down, dysfunctional. But by Epiosde 3 you are no longer seeing the peeling paint, the rusty iron the splitting concrete, and the broken faucets, you're only seeing the gorgeous wrought iron, the totally unique post deco-moderne curving 50s architecture which is unlike anything in Miami. There are times when the city makes Barcelona look dull! 
How much longer will Cuba be like this I wonder. I want to get straight on a plane.
Click on this link  for a teaser trailer

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