Saturday 25 August 2018

On DVD and Blu-ray - David Hare confesses to his delight in ever more editions of the films of Jean Vigo

The screen above was the first format in which I bought the complete Vigo in DVD, a French "integrale coffret" back in the early 2000s. Subsequently Gaumont and then Artificial Eye and Criterion re-issued the films in Blu-ray. 
When I bought the Criterion single Blu disc (above) a few years ago and also downloaded a custom re-edit of the older version of L'Atalante which differs slightly from the authorised version, I made the difficult decision to discard the older French DVD boxset. I did this with literally hundreds, if not thousands, of DVDs which were being steadily replaced. I have regretted it ever since because the box was so beautiful, and it also contained a small booklet.
But the new Blu-ray box from Gaumont (above) looks like a worthy successor. 

Some of us seem to be at the point where we're tracking our life through these things.

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