Sunday 13 May 2018

The Current Cinema - A recommendation to track down OMERTA (Hansel Mehta) a new Hindi film playing the multiplexes

Serious cinephile and Hindi film authority Adrienne McKibbins writes: "It may be worth advising readers of Film Alert about a new Hindi film Omerta. It opened on Friday around Oz, but is unlikely to last long. Its powerful but depressing, but really worth a look."

Not having seen it, let me say that Wikipedia advises Omerta is a 2017 Indian biographical crime drama film directed by Hansal Mehta and stars Rajkumar Rao in the role of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, British terrorist of Pakistani descent. The film explores the 1994 kidnappings of Westerners in India for which Omar was arrested and served time in prison and the plotting of murder of Wall Street journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002. It was screened in the Special Presentations section at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival the Mumbai Film Festival, Florence Film Festival, Hong Kong International Film Festival and the Busan International Film FestivalThe first trailer was released on 14 March 2018 while second trailer was released on 23 April 2018. Omerta was released on 4 May 2018.

Deborah Young’s review can be found if you click here in the Hollywood Reporter

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