Thursday, 17 May 2018

Digitisation, Restorations and Revivals (37) - Bologna retrieves the suppressed

This year a special segment of Bologna's Il Cinema Ritrovato will feature films that have come back to life after being hindered or banned from screens. 

Most are well-known but some were were 'suppressed' through total indifference. One unknown title is Ciprì and Maresco’s Totò che visse due volte, the last film to be banned in Italy – the reason: blasphemy and being offensive to religion. 

Cant wait… Here’s the list…

 Daïnah la métisse (1932) by Jean Grémillon 
Jean Gremillon
 None Shall Escape (1944) by André De Toth 
 Geheimnisvolle Tiefe (Mysterious Shadows, 1949) by Georg W. Pabst 
G W Pabst
 Sånt händer inte här (This Can’t Happen Here, 1950) by Ingmar Bergman 
 Suzanne Simonin, la religieuse de Diderot (The Nun, 1967) by Jacques Rivette 
Jacques Rivette
 Żywot Mateusza (Matthew’s Days, 1967) by Witold Leszczyński 
Witold Leszczyński 
 Mal’chik i Devochka (Boy and Girl, 1968) by Yuliy Fayt 
 The Last Movie (1971) by Dennis Hopper 
 Totò che visse due volte (1998) by Daniele Ciprì and Franco Maresco
Cipri & Maresco


  1. Dainah had a restoration in the last two years (although ti reamins the 50 minute cut down version, the cut fottage was discaraded). But Pathe/Gaumont are also sitting on La Petie Lise which was restored in 2K more than three years ago. It has not had a single screening anywhere in the world. Does anyone even know they have it? Do they?

  2. Barrie Pattison19 May 2018 at 21:10

    Odd to find Daïnah la métisse, which was in the Gaumont season, and La Religieuse and None Shall Escape which have been knocking about since they were made, figuring here.

    I can't help feeling on the other hand that we've lost Alan Crosland's Under the Red Robe, Anatol Litvak's Dolly's Career and, despite the Warner archive claim that they have put out all Michel Curtiz sound films except Mountain Justice, his Damon des meers, because no one is looking for them.


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