Monday, 28 May 2018

Il Cinema Ritrovato - Bologna continues the revival of Buster Keaton with four new versions of his great silent films

The page on Il Cinema Ritrovato’s website devoted to this year's contribution to the long term "Keaton Project" has a quote from the critic Walter Kerr to introduce the program. Kerr writes: “Keaton did cooperate with the universe, a trait that continues to distinguish him from his fellow comedians. Most clowns regarded the physical world as an obstacle to be overcome or evaded, by ingenuity or by grit. Keaton felt otherwise. He knew all about obstacles, of course. But treacherous as the universe might be, Keaton trusted it.” 

Buster Keaton,The Scarecrow
This year the selection comprises two knowns and two, for me, unknowns, being the first two films listed below. 

Keaton and live piano accompaniment hopefully by the wondrous Maud Nelissen makes for perfection. Cant wait.

•       The Scarecrow (1920)
•       The Frozen North (1922)
•       The Navigator (1924)
•       Go West (1925)

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