Monday, 21 May 2018

Sydney Film Festival - A link to David Bordwell's note on Abbas Kiarostami's final film 24 FRAMES

Abbas Kiarostami
In a note at the bottom of his review of Abbas Kiarostami’s24 Frames, David Bordwell makes a point by saying “24 Frames is being circulated to theatres and museums; please try to see it on the big screen, where all the little details can pop out at you.” 

You may never have another opportunity to do just that, in Sydney at least, beyond the two screenings at the Sydney Film Festival (details here)

It’s been programmed into one of the smallest festival venues, the Dendy Opera Quays Cinema 3 and the SFF website has a sign saying “Selling Fast”.

David’s illuminating thoughts on the film are a perfect introduction into the last film the great man completed before his death. You can read them if you head for this item on the Observations on Film Art blog.

Key image from 24 Frames  The elder Pieter Bruegel’s Hunters in the Snow

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