Wednesday, 30 May 2018

On Blu-ray - A rave from David Hare on the new edition of George Cukor's LES GIRLS (1957)

Gene Kelly 'caught in a modernist web', Les Girls
More Kelly and Cole. 
Mitzi Gaynor, Les Girls
Above is Kelly in the title number from Cukor's best musical, Les Girls
Choreography by Saint Jack Cole. 

Wardrobe by Orry Kelly, earning the picture's Oscar. 
Kay Kendall, Les Girls
Screens are from a new Warner Archive Blu-ray: Joy (Mitzi Gaynor), Lady Sybille (Kay Kendall) and Angele (Taina Elg) with their puppet-master Barry Nichols (Kelly) caught in a modernist web. 
Kay Kendall, Gene Kelly, Les Girls
The disc is a doozy.
Here's the number on YouTube

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