Tuesday 18 October 2016

Update - Reviving Tim Burstall's 1983 mini-series A DESCANT FOR GOSSIPS

Kaarin Fairfax 2nd from right in A Descant for Gossips*
My campaign to retrieve Tim Burstall’s A Descant for Gossips, a mini-series made by the ABC and aired back in 1983, has made a little progress and has yielded up some information about the state of things.

The series was made, as was much back in the day, on 16mm film and videotape. This is not a good format for preservation but sometime someone decided that a significant conservation step should be taken and transferred the original material onto one inch  Master tapes. 

These are apparently held somewhere in the vaults of the National Archives of Australia, the organisation charged with holding all ABC material. 

So I've put in a formal application to take a look, a process which is reasonably simple but I am advised that it will take some little time.

Progress will be reported. 

*Info welcome on the other actors in the scene.

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  1. Best of luck in that seeking! If it can be extracted, would sell well in retirement villages.


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