Saturday 8 October 2016

Digitizations and Restorations (9) - MOMA's 2016 To Save and Project

Associate Editor (Restorations and Revivals) Simon Taaffe has come across the following screenings. Click on the links for times etc where indicated.

In one of the previous posts under this grouping, a suggestion was made that the time has come for the National Film & Sound Archive to take the lead in presenting its own properly curated and documented program of films that it has restored or in other ways revived. (Films from around the world might be added to make the occasion very festive.) But, in the local context the words have to be a bit vague because everything from making a new print to simply sticking out a DVD of whatever inadequate material may exist now seems to count as a 'restoration'. A debate for another day.

In the meantime Simon's trawl of the net has produced the first link to MOMA's annual program of restorations. The event is now called To Save and Project   and the official word says "MoMA’s 14th international festival of newly preserved films, To Save and Project, unveils a wide range of restoration premieres from institutions around the world. ...(and) dozens of other masterworks and rediscoveries from around the globe—Egypt to Argentina, Pakistan to Poland—in a three-week celebration of the vital work of archives, studios, foundations, and independent filmmakers to save our world’s cinema heritage." 

No information is available as to whether anything from Australia has made the cut, or indeed was even on offer. More to come when the full program is released.

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