Wednesday 19 October 2016

Lynden Barber proposes to present screenings for cinephiles in Randwick

Lynden Barber
Lynden Barber is now a freelance critic, a former lead film critic for The Australian and the The Sydney Morning Herald and a former Director of the Sydney Film Festival.

I've pillaged this note from Lynden's Facebook page, with his permission.

Lynden writes: I'm running this one past informally to see if anyone Sydney is interested, and if so, how many? 
I'm looking to put together a series of film and TV lectures/ screenings open to the public, to take place at Randwick mostly in November) outside of work hours (evening and/ or weekend). Haven't decided on a thematic approach or program yet, but would screen entire films or large chunks, with analysis and group discussion led by me afterwards or using freeze-frame at key points. 
The total no. of hours of a few sessions would most likely be around 12-18. I'd need to get together the class myself using my networks.
Added incentive - it would be for FREE (TAFE has come up with some funding, god bless 'em). (By comparison, a 6 week course at WEA on Woody Allen cost punters $169).
I know this is a bit vague at present, but I'm testing the waters.

This link should get you to Lynden's Facebook page where you can leave a note indicating your interest.

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