Friday 17 April 2015

Thunder Over Hawaii (or Naked Paradise) - A quest for Corman

That's Roger by the way for the kiddies out there for whom the only Corman known is der loved Federal Finance Minister vid der tick accent. "

A correspondent writes: I have an out-of-the-blue question for you.  In 1956, Roger Corman released (through AIP) a quickie called THUNDER OVER HAWAII,  It has also been screened under the title NAKED PARADISE.  According to the omniscient Neil McG, the only place this film has ever been released on home video is Oz ... and that was on VHS, so presumably long ago.  My question is:  can you think of anyone who might have either an old VHS of the film or (better) a transfer to DVD of the film?  I realise that this is a tallish order, but if anyone can find the thing, I'm confident it will be you.

I've been asking around without luck. Send any responses to


  1. Roger Westcombe19 April 2015 at 05:34

    Hi Geoff,
    Another Roger here - pass this link on to your correspondent:
    Over and out:

  2. Many thanks. Wheels within wheels ....and is that video store in New Zealand still standing today....


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