Sunday 19 April 2015

Partisan - Ariel Kleiman's Debut Feature opens May 28th

Only infrequently do I leap into a film sight unseen (though I have already mentioned, sight unseen, that Anurag Kashyup's new movie is starting on May 15 straight after its debut at Cannes) but I think I will again now that I know Ariel Kleiman’s debut feature film is opening on May 28th. Kleiman studied film at the Victorian College of the Arts, (once known as just ‘Swinburne’) and while there he made one of the smartest short dramas I’ve ever seen. Dont ask how many I’ve seen because it’s not that many. But, Deeper Than Yesterday was something special and not just for its drama. Set on a Russian submarine, the producers, a team of students from the VCA, found a disused sub and managed to turn it into a most impressive location. From the moment that the film started  attracting attention and winning prizes at festivals all round the world, bigger questions emerged. For starters, how quickly could Kleiman get into feature film making and how ambitious should he be?The answers will be known to quite a considerable degree when, a week before the Sydney Film Festival opens, the film will have its Australian premiere. If you want a sneak peek you can go to the trailer and if you want to see in toto the film that started my enthusiasm you can go to Deeper Than Yesterday. More later...

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