Sunday 19 April 2015

Thunder over Hawaii - The New Zealand Connection

Many thanks to Roger Westcombe for supplying this link to a site I was completely unfamiliar with, notwithstanding it has had half a million page views. 

Here's an extract from the story, "it" being a copy of the aforementioned Roger Corman epic from 1956: Attempting to track it down in some form, I discovered late last year that it was indeed available on VHS, albeit hardly on a wide scale. As Thunder Over Hawaii, the title under which it had been originally shot and under which it had been re-released to theatres in 1960, it was listed in the catalogue of a New Zealand video store. Now, one PAL VHS copy rentable only in person or to Kiwi mailing addresses may be a mere straw but I clutched for it nonetheless. I mailed the company to confirm that yes, they had it. An ex-pat Kiwi friend found a friend back home who could rip from VHS and my long wait is thankfully over.

For the amazing full details, plus some splendid Corman/AIP art work go to 

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