Saturday 11 April 2015

By the Numbers - The NFSA's ambitions laid out for all, including successors and political masters, to measure

THE NFSA Strategic Plan 2015-2018 Proposes to achieve by 2018

Six partnerships working with three tiers of government to support ongoing program delivery to regional, remote and rural audiences

Partnerships with three institutions in state and territory capitals for ensuring engagement with the collection through exhibitions and access centres

(Up to) ten restored and remastered classic and rediscovered films for theatrical screenings

A 20% increase in visits to the NFSA website (1.6 million in 2014) and a 12% increase in page views (8 million in 2014) with bounce rate below 50% and average session duration increasing to three minutes 30 seconds per visit.

Three annual online exhibitions from the collection

1,000,000 collection catalogue records available to be searched online via the Collection Search.

Produced 75 oral history career interviews annually. (This is significantly below the number of interviews produced in recent years.)

Increase self-generated income through commercial activities and fund-raising, philanthropic  and sponsorship development to $2 million annually. (Last reported figures were in the 2013/14 Annual Report where the sum of $129,000 was reported as donated.) 

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