Tuesday 7 April 2015

Signing up in support of ensuring the future of the National Film & Sound Archive

The previous blog entry deals with an urgent issue in Australia's film culture. It was prepared by Australian award-winning producer, editor and conservator Anthony Buckley. Thus far it has the support of

Geoff Gardner, Film Alert blogger
Sue Milliken, producer of Paradise Road, Sirens, The Odd Angry Shot, My Brother Jack  former Chair of the Australian Film Commission, author of recently published memoir on the Australian film industry Selective Memory.
Paul Harris, Director, St Kilda Film Festival
James McCarthy, Former NSW Regional Manager NFSA, 1986-96, "But please bear in mind that it is the National Film and SOUND archive. A fact often overlooked by the film centric. The sound industry has nowhere near the clout the film industry has, and its import work in the scheme of things is often marginalised."
Trish Fitzsimons, Documentary filmmaker, writer of history, theory and policy around documentary. Post-graduate Convenor of the Griffith Film School, including research higher degrees and the Master of Screen Production.
Lynn Gailey, 
Neil McGlone, Film Advisor & Researcher, contributor to Sight & Sound, Curator of the Peter Von Bagh Archive in collaboration with the Criterion Collection, Midnight Sun Film Festival, Il Cinema Ritrovato, Nordic Film Festival
Eddie Cockrell, Film Critic, Festival Programmer
Tom Ryan, Film Critic
Ben Cho, Film-maker, critic, festival worker
Dr Jane Mills, Associate Professor, School of the Arts and Media, UNSW, Associate Editor Fusion, Series Editor, Australian Screen Classics
Ray Thomas, ASE, Freelance screen editor
Gary Andrews, Cinephile, Fmr Board Member MIFF, Fmr Board Member Senses of Cinema "The preservation of the historical record is so important, and its conversion into accessible format equally so."
David Donaldson, Founding Director Sydney Film Festival, Borrower (“client”), retailer, donor and friend of the Archive, and predecessor bodies, since 1951. Advocate for Hollywood’s First Australian (J.P. McGowan of South Australia). Urging for commemoration of the rescue in 1954 by Sydney University Film Group of The Kid Stakes (1927). This idea has the imagination and scale of what is needed, together with a location where major activity in film and sound actually does occur and historically has occurred since each was invented. "Incidentally, there is a conceptual mis-match between “film” and “sound” that ought to be attended to at a future time of some major change. Perhaps simply “The Longford-Lyell Institute”?
Ian Taylor, Cinephile, blogger and programmer
Daniela Torsh, retired journalist, filmmaker and founding Director of the Australian National Documentary Conference.
Sylvia Lawson, scholar, critic and author Sylvia’s current reviews may be found at Inside Story
John Duigan, Film Director, Double AFI Award winner for The Year My Voice Broke  and Flirting

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  1. Consider me signed up, Geoff !

    Neil McGlone - Film Advisor & Researcher, contributor to Sight & Sound, Curator of the Peter von Bagh Archive in collaboration with the Criterion Collection. Midnight Sun Film Festival, Il Cinema Ritrovato, Nordic Film Festival


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