Thursday 16 July 2020

A Message from Deb and Kevin Whithear at Mount Bernard - The 2020 Olive Oil has been released - BUY NOW

Dear friends and supporters of Mount Bernard Olives

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It’s been quite a year here on the farm, from drought to a hot summer with bushfires but fortunately not too near us, then in March unusual drenching rain.  More surprisingly we’ve received 50+ ml every month since, and now in July and it’s winter when our annual rainfall usually begins.  The country is looking a picture, green hills, exponential growth on plants and trees, springs reappearing and overflowing streams and dams. 

Some of the olive trees were still recovering from drought and didn’t produce much but others were laden.  Due to covid-19 we weren’t able to employ our usual backpacker workforce for harvesting but luckily our sons Simon and Ben were available enough days to harvest most of the olives in 6 weeks.
Our three varieties have been laboratory tested to ensure they pass the Australian standard and are certified as high quality extra virgin oils.  One of the tests is for polyphenols, the compounds that contain antioxidants and the reason extra virgin olive oil is so good for us.  While there are other characteristics that contribute to the taste of an extra virgin usually the higher the polyphenol count the more robust (peppery) it is.  This year the Leccino is milder and classed as Medium, while Picual and Frantoio are classed as Robust with Frantoio quite a bit more robust than Picual.

The descriptions below are from our informal ‘family tasting panel’ – later in the year we’ll hear the verdicts from the Australian International Olive Awards judges!

2020 EVOOs 

Frantoio– Fresh green artichoke aroma. Strong bitter notes of rocket on the palate and a lingering spicy finish.

Picual– Tomato leaf on the nose. Medium bitterness with warm peppery finish.
Leccino– Hint of green beans on the nose. Gentle bitterness and lingering late mild pungency.

Lemon-Lime agrumato– this year the agumato has a larger percentage of lemons to limes. It has a subtle lemony flavour. 

Availability and Price
The three varieties of extra virgin are available in 4 litre tins and 500ml bottles. Lemon-lime is in 250ml bottles.

4 litre tin - $65.00
12 bottles  (one variety or mixed - $180.00
6 bottles  (one variety or mixed) -   $90.00

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 Australia Post is currently our only option for delivery.  In past years we’ve used a more economical courier and posted from Melbourne rather than the farm. Australia Post has introduced a flat rate Australia wide of $18.50 for parcels under 5k which will cover our 4 litre tins. The postage cost for bottles varies depending on weight and destination and ranges from $27.95  - $30.80 for a dozen.
We no longer have an order form online so if you have any questions or would like to order olive oil you can contact us at

Best wishes to you all in these strange times. Most States seem to be heading back to pre Covid times, we’re just hoping Victoria will join them soon.

Deb and Kevin Whithear
Mount Bernard Olives

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