Friday 29 May 2020

At the Online Sydney Film Festival - Martha Ansara urges you to see WOMEN OF STEEL (Robynne Murphy, Australia, 2020)

Martha Ansara writes: Women of Steel  was over ten years in the making and funded entirely by over 500 donations (thank you so much for yours).

I’m flat out trying to take advantage of the great opportunity presented through its selection by the Sydney Film Festival as a finalist for the Doco Award. The film will be online day and night June 10-21 and anyone in Australia can buy a ticket:if you just click here  

We’ve worked so hard to get the money and then give the film some of the strength that drama naturally has and is so difficult to create within a documentary. But now we can reveal that...Women of Steel  has action, strong characters, humour, emotional downs as well as ups, etc — and yet is all “true”.

Anyhow, as you can imagine, I’m working day and night to try to get the tickets sold — So — typically — I’m hoping that you could add a personal message to the info below and email it it to people you think might be interested.

The SFF has sent EPK and images for the film HERE  in case you want to write a story about the making of WOMEN OF STEEL — an epic almost equal to the campaign which is the film’s subject. And if you do write anything,  please mention that there are 9 more docos in the comp worth seeing too.

Thanks for anything you can do,


Editor's Note: I am one of the more than 500 investors in this major new Australian documentary.

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