Friday 6 April 2018

CINEMA REBORN - Paul Harris talks to Clyde Jeavons and moi about the festival, restorations and much more

Editor's Note: Today I had an enjoyable conversation with Paul Harris and our houseguest Clyde Jeavons about CINEMA REBORN  and much more. Clyde proved to be a mine of information about film archiving, screening archival material, new preservation techniques and the world wide phenomena of ever increasing classic restorations. Below is taken from the Film Buff's Forecast Facebook page. Click on the links to get through to podcast. Thanks Paul
Film Restoration Is Being Celebrated At Cinema Reborn
Geoffrey Gardner, Film Alert editor ,former Melbourne
Film Festival director and director of the forthcoming Cinema Reborn Film Festival speaks with Paul Harris and Clyde Jeavons - former archival curator of the BFI's National Film Archive about the thorny issue of preserving films,the dangers of color fading,nitrate,vinegar syndrome,movie collectors and much,much more .
It's online now !!
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