Monday 9 April 2018

CINEMA REBORN - More testimonials from the cinephile community

Peter Thompson
I’ve been looking at your Cinema Reborn website and I must say, SHOUT !!!, that it is wonderful. Inspired choice of films. Beautifully presented, immaculate notes that cover all the bases and altogether a wonderful initiative.

I can’t express how important it is to the withering culture of cinema in Australia. Perhaps somebody is talking about the need to build culture within the community  —  I guess it’s implicitly understood in older places that have had to fight for their survival? But in Australia it seems to be only very superficially comprehended.

So it is tremendous that you are doing this. AND it sounds like great, stimulating fun as well. Long may you prosper.

If I was living in Sydney, I would be there.

Bill Mousoulis (on Yackety Yack  and In This Life's Body)
Someone out there (I'm looking at you Geoffrey Gardner) is doing a great job of re-presenting some classic indie Australian films to the public!

John Flaus
This festival will have to be the most important event to bear the title “Festival”.

Good on you and your co-workers/enthusiasts,

I wish I could be there!!!!

Andrew Pike
Great poster!  Congratulations on getting the show on the road - never an easy task!

Michael Jasper: Geoff's instigating this landmark event is an astouding achievement. He and his colleagues reveal so much boundless enthusiasm and energy. The overall programme delivers a distilled version of what Il Cinema Ritrovato is all about with restored historic classic films and particularly appropriate introducers. Where the "ritrovato" however really reaches a peak is with the Australian selections, so carefully chosen over decades of brave if not renegade filmmaking in Australia. Moreover films that are really difficult to see even if an enquiring cinephile is aware of them and would like to catch up. May this be the first of a long-standing tradition.

For details of the program click on this link

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