Friday 20 April 2018

Adrian Danks Facebook Post on CINEMA REBORN

Meant to post about this earlier, but now that it is fast approaching I'd like to highlight the absolutely fabulous looking Cinema Reborn festival being held in Sydney for the first time from May 3-7. This is a truly wonderful initiative that all cinephiles in Sydney (and Australia) should embrace - as we need many more events like this. I'll be there, making the trip up from Melbourne (not suggesting that's an incentive for anyone but just to illustrate my commitment), and looking forward to seeing a great array of recent restorations within a truly eclectic but outstanding program (thanks to all involved, Geoffrey Gardner in particular). 
Max Ophuls
Particular highlights, programmed alongside the likes of Renoir, Ophuls (& I've waited years to see SANS LENDEMAIN in a decent print/copy), Fassbinder, Hondo and Ozu, are a rich array of Australian films including such seminal works as YACKETY YACK & Corinne Cantrill's IN THIS LIFE'S BODY. Each program will also be introduced by a great array of speakers ranging from Margot Nash, David Stratton and Peter Hourigan to Phillip Adams and Jane Mills. 
Hope to see you there. 

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