Saturday 26 November 2022

URGENT LATEBREAKING NEWS - Experimental film-maker and curator David King invites you to participate online at the Exploratory Visions Film Festival

This information was first published on Peter Tammer's blog Friends of the Armchair Traveller . The program finishes this weekend at close of Sunday 27 November - Dutch time - and next weekend's program starts on 03 December and runs until end of 04 December - also Dutch time). The link to the program is provided at the end of the Program Information. I guess one day we'll learn why an Australian film-maker and curator is screening out of the Netherlands instead of from his own country.


David King writes: Echoes of war reverberate through the first weekend’s Exploratory Visions animation + experimental + avant garde film program this year.

From Finland, Eija Temiseva’s abstract but powerful Feelings of War is followed by Indian director Debraj Naiya’s Seedlings which looks at the trauma suffered by children in an unnamed theatre of war, followed by Janja Rakus’s Song For Haron (Slovenia) which evokes a ferry taking the dead across the River Styx.

 'Feelings of War' - Eija Temiseva

'Seedlings' - Debraj Maiya

'Song or Haron' - Janja Rakus

But it’s not all doom and gloom. This is the first time the program will open with a student film – Yuzuki Tachibana’s Deduce from Genjipai is a delightful and intriguing experimental animation from Japan which evokes the spirit of Rene Magritte.

'Deduce from Gejapai' -Yuzuki Tachibana

Australia’s Ian Gibbins gives us a haunting and visually seductive video poem in After Image while the USA’s Dee Hood explodes our minds with Fragments of Knowable Truth, and Canada’s Deb Ethier - Best Film award winner at the 2021 Hell Chess Film Festival – brings us her award-winning animation Once There was a Girl.

 'After Image' - Ian Gibbins

'Fragments of Knowable Truth' - Dee Hood

 'Once There was a Girl' - Deborah Ethier

There’s also a special presentation of ABODE – a series of films made by an international collective of filmmakers who took Ito Takashi’s 1985 experimental horror film GRIM as a source of inspiration for their own films about a place of residence, work or refuge. The filmmakers are Kunal Biwas (India), Camelia Mirescu (Italy), Rrose Present (Spain), Hiroshi Atobe (Japan), Anna Grigorian (Armenia-Canada), Debjit Bagchi (India), David King (Australia – also curator) and Serge Maslov-Szymarski (Stateless).

And for the trance-pumping grand finale we welcome the return of Dean Winkler and Don Butler (USA) with their eye-popping and mind-bending blend of live action, 2D, 3D and CGI animation in Our America.

'Our America' - Dean Winkler & Don Butler

And all this in just one hour. So put aside an hour over 26 – 27 November and tune in to The Screening Room at  for the first weekend’s edition of Exploratory Visions animation + experimental + avant garde film program for 2022.

See Trailer below.

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