Friday 2 December 2022

URGENT NEWS (2) - Experimental film-maker and curator David King continues his online event at the Exploratory Visions Film Festival

Curator David King

This information was first published on Peter Tammer's
 blog Friends of the Armchair Traveller . The weekend's program starts on 03 December and runs until end of 04 December - Dutch time). The link to the program is provided at the end of the Program Information.


Animation + Experimental + Avant Garde

film program

03 – 04 December


(Weekend #2)

David King writes: The second weekend of Exploratory Visions animation + experimental + avant garde film program focuses on the avant garde, or films with some kind of narrative even if barely recognisable as such. 

The individual films are mostly longer than last weekend but there are fewer of them.

The multi-award-winning collage animation Once I Passed, a collaboration between Germany’s Martin Gerigk and Serbia’s Nikola Gocic opens a stylish window to the past and a poem by Walt Whitman, followed by Debjit Bagchi’s fascinating Memoir from India which explores the fragmented memories of a man we never see.


                                                 Once I passed





Spain’s Luis Carlos Rodriguez gives us a new take on a classic Hollywood narrative with a brand new version of his award-winning Collage 37, while Italy’s Emanuele Dainotti allows us an almost Godardian glimpse into the mind of a filmmaker in Hedgehog’s Dilemma.


                                                          Collage #37



                                                      Hedgehog's Dilemma

Blast from the Past takes us back to 1995 Australia and Margaret Haselgrove’s black-and-white experimental narrative Replay, described as a cinematic etude informed by questions of sexual identity.



For a complete change of pace, we plunge into the mesmerising Almost Forgotten by Canada’s Charles Tashiro. And for the grand finale, we have brain-stomping sci-fi fashion show LED3Times from Italy’s Alessandro Amaducci.


                                                       Almost Forgotten




So put aside an hour over 03 – 04 December and get blown away by some of the world’s finest risk-taking filmmakers, streaming internationally from The Screening Room

or click here 


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