Wednesday 23 November 2022

For one night only (30 November) at the TAP GALLERY, Surry Hills - Barrie Pattison presents from his own private collection A QUICK HISTORY OF THE MOVIES

Sydney's supercinephile Barrie Pattison has come out of Covid hibernation and has agreed to do a public show drawn from his extensive private collection of films on all formats. Barrie, who has mounted programs for the London National Film Theatre and Cinémathèque Francaise in Paris, is doing a one-off event which traces film making from the first days to the present.


Barrie writes: It’s hard to imagine a city the size of Sydney without a Cinémathèque. A dismaying number of attempts to establish a base for serious film viewing have folded. That means important films (and quite a few trivial ones) that viewers in other centers take for granted remain inaccessible here. The isolation shows up in a whole lot of unwelcome ways.

Flickering shop front shows become picture palaces and multiplexes, through the arrival of sound, colour and big screens, Broncho Billy Anderson shares the screen with the European art movie, Hollywood nostalgia and the kung fu spectacular. 

You won’t find Battleship Potemkin, Bicycle Thieves, Ingmar Bergman and Superheroes. What will be on show are the ways changes in materials and taste have shaped the films we know. Newcomers will get an insight into the problems of handling and watching material in a way that does justice to the intention of the original makers. The program will use original celluloid film, some of it a hundred
years old, to put these on show.

Here’s a unique chance to rub shoulders with people who take their movies seriously - along with those who know that they can be one of the most fun ways to spend their time. You wouldn’t want to miss that! 

Below is the leaflet for the show which goes on at 7:30pm. Wednesday Nov. 30 Tap Gallery 1/259 Riley St. Surry Hills 2010. 

Phone 0400 610 440 or 9211 65 14 (after 11 am.) All Welcome - a gold coin or paper donation would be welcome.

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