Friday 4 March 2022

WATCH THE CINEMA REBORN 2022 TRAILER - FRIENDS AND STRANGERS (James Vaughan, Australia, 2021) - Giants of French Cinema



Cinema Reborn will be presented at the Ritz Cinemas Randwick from 27 April to 1 May. It’s now less than eight weeks away. There will be a first announcement of key titles around 15 March and further announcements will follow. The complete program will be released around the end of March.


In the meantime if you are curious at all about what might be showing we have put together a trailer which features some brief moments from six of the films we are screening. Keen eyed cinephiles will be able to get some hints if they check it out. It’s been posted on YouTube and you can have a look at itIF YOU CLICK HERE



The trailer was assembled by the young Australian film-maker James Vaughan who has joined the Cinema Reborn Organising Committee and has been working with us to present the 2022 event. James is a long time cinephile with a broad range of interests including silent films. His work on the program selection was very valuable indeed.


In the meantime James first feature FRIENDS AND STRANGERS (above and below) is opening at selected cinemas around Australia in the coming days. The film had its Australian premiere at the 2021 Sydney Film Festival and has already screened at the London and New York Film Festivals as well as a host of others around the world. At the end of 2021 FRIENDS AND STRANGERS  was voted by Sight and Sound into the top fifty films of the year from all parts of the globe, the only Australian feature to make it into the list.


Here’s what Thomas Flew in Sight & Sound had to say about the film: “Watching FRIENDS AND STRANGERS as an English winter approaches is almost masochistic, such is the welcoming warmth of the Australian sun. The conversations that Ray has throughout the film are considerably cooler, however Vaughan shows a great eye for detail and timing (he edited the film as well as writing and directing it), interspersing the interactions Ray has with friends and strangers with little details and asides that would fall into mumblecore territory in weaker hands.”


James is making the rounds and if you are curious to see him in person he will be at The Randwick Ritz on Monday 14 March 6:30PM for a Q&A screening. You can book tickets if you click on this link.


Other screenings, appearances and seasons are taking place at the following venues:



ACMI: 10 - 20 March (Q&A screening Thursday 10th 7PM) -



Golden Age: 11 - 22 March (Q&A screening Friday 11th 6:15PM)


Dendy Newtown: Saturday 12 March 4PM (Q&A screening)




Mitchum Wallis Thursday 17 March 7PM (Q&A screening)

Catherine Deneuve, Francoise Dorleac
Les Demoiselles de Rochefort
(Jacques Demy, France, 1967)


Cinema Reborn’s great supporters at the Alliance Française de Sydney have asked us to draw attention to a forthcoming masterclass they will be conducting (in English).”Kickstarting on Thursday 10 March, this series will explore some of the biggest names in French cinema, from the New Wave’s Truffaut to Depardieu, and from Deneuve to Binoche. Participants will delve into pivotal moments in their careers and their impact on French and international audiences, break down their standout performances and distinctive styles, and engage with the genres they helped bring into the spotlight. Signup to The giants of French cinema and enjoy a complimentary double pass to be redeemed at this year’s Alliance Française French Film Festival. Simply enter promo code FESTIVAL22 at checkout.”


Meanwhile dont forget to check out THE CINEMA REBORN FACEBOOK PAGEfor news and if you are minded to make a tax deductible donation to support the work of our all-volunteer group head for  THE AUSTRALIAN CULTURAL FUND

Stay tuned for our first announcement in a week or so.


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