Thursday 17 March 2022

On 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray - David Hare welcomes "a killer" disc of Spielberg's remake of WEST SIDE STORY (USA, 2021)

Inexplicably this UHD disc went on sale in Oz a week earlier than other territories.

I’m going to say something I’ve been feeling about what I guess is my favorite musical score.
With Spielberg’s movie I think I’ve watched the perfect production. His new picture simply blows Robert Wise’s 1961 movie out of the water. Even Robbins’ choreography here is given literally rhapsodic open air mise-en-scène that takes the breath away. Casting, actors even Kushner’s tweaks to the dialogue breathe fresh air into the screenplay. This is my best movie of 2021.
There, I’ve said it. This should haven been up for every major Oscar nomination, and it should have really blown the box office. But Spielberg and Kushner and the team have created timeless magic and a flawless tribute to the late Sondheim.
The disc itself is a killer.

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