Monday 1 July 2019

On YouTube - David Hare posts a further note on Eisenstein's IVAN THE TERRIBLE

Sergei Eisenstein
Editor's Note: David Hare has already written an appreciation of the new French edition Blu-ray of the restored copy of Sergei Eisenstein's Ivan the Terrible. 
You can find  the note if you Click on this link
Now David has now located a key sequence on YouTube.  Fedor and the Orpochnik's orgy/dance,  is available if you click 

David writes:

If you dig around beyond the Stalinist censored history of Ivan you discover that Fedor was reputed to be Ivan's lover, until he, like all the others who fell prey to Ivan's madness was executed by a now totally paranoid Ivan towards the end. This tidbit still remains suppressed and denied in Modern Homophobic Russia under a Capitalist Gansgter who is in his own way is as bad as Stalin, and in a culture that's again as lethally homophobic as the nightmare of 30s and 40s Stalinism.
This sequence was surely one of the most daring, risky things Sergei ever committed to film. Stalin and the Bureau must have banned the movie for this alone but there was plenty more they didn't like.

Ronald Bergan added a Facebook comment as well

"See chapter 16 and 17 of my bio Sergei Eisenstein: A Life in Conflict."

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