Monday 1 July 2019

Adam Bowen's Talkie Talk #65 - New movies, Hitchcock & Herrmann movie music, a Charles Crichton Ealing rarity and films by Kazan, Kubrick and Billy Wilder on TV


An Unexpected Love/El Amor Menos Pensado– (2018) empty nesters wonder if their relationship will wither or bloom. Starring Mercedes Morán & Ricardo Darín. Previously mentioned in Film Alert by Barrie Pattison in his coverage of the 2018 Cine Latino Film FestivalDecember last year. 

After – Girl meets boy with murky past.

Mystify: Michael Hutchence – Richard Lowenstein tries to de-mystify MH (documentary)

Spider Man: Far from Home– more melodramatic web untangling required by Peter Parker.

Soundgarden: Live from the Artist’s Den -full concert film from 17/02/2013 

Sunshine Family – dad gets involved in a hit-and-run accident, and tries to destroy the evidence. Phillipine/Korean drama.

The Third Wife (2018) – In 19th century Vietnam, a 14 year-old girl is betrothed to a wealthy landowner. Screened at the 2019 Sydney Film Festival.

One Day: Justice Delivered – Hindi thriller about bad behaviour in high places.

The Eight Hundred/Ba bai – Chinese war epic, set in 1937.

VOLVO SCANDINAVIAN FILM FESTIVAL – a programme of 21 films screening in cinemas nationally from 9 July. Go North!

MOVIE MUSIC: Saturday @ 6pm om Fine Music 102.5 or stream it, later, on
Hitchcock – Herrmann (left): The Wrong Man (1956); Vertigo (1958); North by Northwest( 1959); Psycho (1960) 


Monday Noon, 9Gem: Fans of French actress, Simone Signoret, and of British director, Charles Crichton (not to be confused with Michael Crichton), should enjoy their collaboration in the WW2, Ealing Studios, documentary-style spy thriller, Against the Wind (1948)

Monday 8.30pm & Tuesday 10.20am, Fox ClassicsOn the Waterfront (1954) Gripping drama, starring Marlon Brando as Terry Malloy, an ex-boxer, now longshoreman, who rebels against a vicious union boss (Lee J. Cobb). Also starring Eve Marie Saint; Rod Steiger and Karl Malden. Script, Bud Schulberg; direction, Elia Kazan; photography Boris Kaufman; score, Leonard Bernstein.

Monday 10.20pm Fox ClassicsSpartacus (1960) – Earnest sword and sandal epic, starring Kirk Douglas as the leader of a slaves’ revolt against Roman tyrants. Directed by Stanley Kubrick, written by Dalton Trumbo, and photographed by Russell Metty. Also stars Jean Simmons, Laurence Olivier and Tony Curtis.

Saturday Noon Fox ClassicsThe Magnificent Seven (1960) Star-studded western about gunfighters (Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Horst Buchholz, etc), hired by Mexican peasants to rid them of a tyrant (Eli Wallach). John Sturges’ stolid direction is enlivened by the stars and by Elmer Bernstein’s score. (A re-make of The Seven Samurai). Not to be confused with the lacklustre re-make of 2016)

Sunday 5pm 9GemSome Like It Hot (1959) Wonderfully loopy black comedy, directed and co-written (with I.A.L. Diamond) by Billy Wilder (right).  In 1920s Chicago, two male musicians (Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis) witness the St Valentine’s Day massacre, flee, disguise themselves as females and join an all-girl band, which features Marilyn Monroe.

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