Sunday 14 July 2019

Australian independent cinema - Mike Retter draws attention to RIBSPREADER (Dick Dale, 2019)

Adelaide film-maker and relentless supporter of the low-budget indie sector Mike Retter has asked that the blog draw attention to a new project by the flamboyant Dick Dale. Dick’s new film is titled Ribspreader and was crowd funded to the tune of $20,000+.  You can find an animated discussion between Mike and Dick that took place on Mike’s Meat Bone Express podcast  if you click here

The podcast includes trailers and excerpts from Dick Dale’s film career and a course in DIY cinema. There is also an interlude detailing Dick Dale’s work in creating and running the Trasharama Film Festival which, according to the website  "only screens B grade schlock, horror, video nasties, sick and twisted animations, faux trailers and adverts, demented music clips, science Fiction, bad taste disasterpieces and other low brow cinematic GOLD!"

It takes all kinds.

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