Sunday 10 February 2019

French Film Festival - Barrie Pattison has some early heads ups and a few questions....

Of the films in the French Film Festival, I've already enthused about Jacques Audiard's ferocious The Sister's Brothers- odd to find a film in English with Hollywood stars shot in Spain heading up frog Fest. 

The Franc Dubosc Tout le monde deboutis clever and funny. 

I'm going to put (too much) money where my mouth is and watch Michel Ocelot's animated Dilili À Paris, Gilles Lelouche'sLe Grand bain, another Deny's Arcand American Empire film (La Chute de...), l'Incroyable Histoire du Facteur Cheval from Nils Tavernier, Olivier Assayas' Doubles vieswith a well represented Juliette Binoche, Agnes Jaoui'sPlace Publique, Catherine Deneuve in Julie Bertuccelli's Claire Darling andthe Delépin & KervenI Feel Good (title in English) with Jean Dujardin -  also optimistically a few more.

François Ozon's Grâce á dieu is having censor troubles in France.

As for the Young At Heart event at Palace Cinemas I've already endorsed Diego Peretti and Santiago Segura in Casi leyendas and the ColombianAmalia la Seretaria,while Ricardo Darin in El amor menos pensado is anticipated in release…. and they have a Carlo di Palma documentary. 

Delphine Seyrig, Last Year at Marienbad
They're airing Belle de jour while the frogs have L'année dernière á Marienbad and a new Jean-Luc Godard. These are not the items I would choose to retrieve from obscurity.

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