Tuesday 5 February 2019

Bondi Cinema Club - March to July 2019 Screenings at the Bondi Pavilion

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Tuesday 5 MARCH
The Wife  (2018)
100 min US (Drama)
Director- Björn Runge.
Oscar Nominee/Winner Golden Globe for Best Actress, Glenn Close.

After nearly 40 yearsof marriage. Joan pours her intellect, grace, charm and diplomacy into the private role of a great man's wife. As her husband, Joe is about to be awarded the Nobel Prize for his acclaimed and prolific body of literary work, Joan starts to think about the shared compromises, secrets and betrayals.

Short film Woman with an Editing Bench (15 min) is TBC

Tuesday 9 APRIL
Shoplifters (2018)
121 mins, Japan (Drama) 
Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film 
Winner Palme D’or Cannes Film Festival, 2018.
Director- Kore-Eda Hirokazu, 

Shoplifters follows the life of a family living in poverty who turn to petty crime to survive.  The winner of the Palme D’Or, this film deals with issues of people in poverty who often live with warmth and happiness, what makes a family and economic hardship in society.

Wednesday 1 MAY
Jirga (2018)
78 mins AUST
Winner AACTA Award Best Indie Feature & Cinefest Oz Prize
Director- Ben Gilmour. 

The film tells the story of a former Australian soldier (Sam Smith.) returning to Afghanistan to seek forgiveness from the family of a man he killed while serving in the war. Shot in Afghanistan, the film creates a feeling of watching a documentary and watching a drama, giving it a sense of the blurring the lines between truth and fiction. 

Q& A Lead actor Sam Smith is TBC

Tuesday 4 JUNE
136 mins US (Comedy/ Satire) 
Director -Spike Lee.
Nominated for an Academy Award Best Film 2019

Based on a true story. Ron Stallworth (John David Washington)  the first African-American detective to serve in the Colorado Springs Police Department, bravely sets out to infiltrate and expose the Ku Klux Klan. He soon recruits a more seasoned colleague, Flip Zimmerman, into the undercover investigation of a lifetime. Together, they team up to take down the extremist hate group as the organization aims to sanitize its violent rhetoric to appeal to the mainstream.  Starring John David Washington and Adam Driver.

Tuesday 2 JULY
Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964)
91mins. France 
Director Jacques Demy. Stars: Catherine Deneuve
Winner Palme D’Or Cannes 1964

This classic musical was the inspiration for La La Land (the winner of eight Oscars in 2017). The film plays with the musical genre where the characters' dialogue is conveyed through song.  Genevieve (Catherine Deneuve), a beautiful young Frenchwoman works at a small-town boutique selling umbrellas, falls for dashing mechanic. Guy (Nino Castelnuovo). When their brief romance is interrupted by Guy’s draft to serve in the Algerian War, Geneviève, although pregnant with Guy’s child, marries an older businessman and begins to move on with her life. 


Kusama: Infinity (2018)
76 minutes
Director Heather Lenz

A documentary that explores artist Yayoi Kusama's journey from a conservative upbringing in Japan to her brush with fame in America during the 1960s (where she rivaled Andy Warhol for press attention) and concludes with the international fame she has finally achieved within the art world. Now in her 80s, Kusama has spent the last 30 years living in a mental institution in Japan.

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