Friday 9 June 2017

On DVD - Kiki Fung discovers Otto Preminger's ADVISE AND CONSENT (USA, 1962) (reposted from Facebook)

Completely blown away by ADVISE & CONSENT (Otto Preminger, 1962).
It asks many big questions of our time - or of any time indeed
Does the end justify the means?
 What are the costs of being a game player in politics?
 How does one survive the game?
 Is there a place for honesty and integrity in politics?
 How prepared are men/women to turn when personal interest and power are at stake?
 How prepared are men/women to step over others to get what they want - because it is all about what they want?

Perhaps there is no clear line between black and white (as opposed to Brig's conviction).

But somehow we all know the answer to what constitutes dignity and honourable behavior.

In this chosen screenshot, the Vice President, one who questions the blackmailing of Brig - an action that has led to very tragic outcomes, is placed in the centre.

Walter Pidgeon (l) and Lew Ayres (c)

 It is probably timely that I see this film just now - shortly after I finished season 5 of VEEP, which now looks like childs play in comparison to this masterpiece. (I mentioned VEEP because at the end of season 5 there is a similar voting scenario - I would think that they have referenced ADVISE AND CONSENT)

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