Monday 26 June 2017

On Blu-ray - Cinephile John Snadden finds some fine action cinema - EMPEROR OF THE NORTH, THE STONE KILLER, THE BLADE

There are recent arrivals of the past week from Twilight Time and the Warner Archive. 

I chose the Twilight Times STONE KILLER over the UK dual format release mainly for the audio commentary by Bronson buff, Paul Talbot. His commentary on the MR MAJESTYK Blu-ray from last year was very informative and very entertaining.

From what I've seen of the EMPEROR OF THE NORTH Blu-ray image, it's far better than the SD DVD.

And it's good to finally have a decent DVD version (with English subs, not French) of Tsui Hark's martial-arts masterpiece, THE BLADE A Blu-ray edition of this great film is still hoped for by many cineastes, unfortunately I don't think such a task is on the Warner Bros agenda in the short or long term.

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