Thursday 29 June 2017

A Bologna Diary (5) - David Hare reports on Bernard Eisenschitz's strand of Jean Vigo films

Jean Vigo
I wonder if Vigo himself might be laughing from the Pantheon today at the sublime opportunity I had to watch Eisenschitz' completely breathtaking new 4k restoration of Zero de Conduite on the very morning the Oz papers announced the imminent police pinch of His Eminence George ("the Cockroach") Pell for kiddy fiddling? Even if Jean is not technically with us he got me smiling from the first minute and it hasn't left my face yet. 
This resto has a couple of previously unseen shots including a silhouette of the Principal sticking a hypodermic into his bum, and what seems like a previously unseen and staggering dialogue between the queer kid and his schoolmate lover talking in bed about the coming revolt. Zero may not quite have the totally full bodied feature length formal power of LAtalante which is in itself one of the titans of pantheon cinema, but it, like the wonderful short Natation de Jean Taris also restored and screening with Zero this morning crowned such a perfect day as today.

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