Wednesday 4 November 2015

A Birthday Greeting - the Film Alert 101 blog turns ONE

Folks, the Film Alert blog has just reached its first birthday. The first six posts have since had 12, 15, 5,6,3 and 2 page views respectively. But over the course of time things got more lively and the top ten listed below have all been well, widely read, at least as far as I'm concerned All up the blog has posted 274 items and recorded over 12,000 page views.

Julien Duvivier
So a big thanks to many contributors, especially those who have written far beyond my hopes on the continuing series devoted to Julien Duvivier - Max Berghouse is the standout but given how the project started so casually thanks also to David Hare, Allan Fish, Neil McGlone and all the others who have contributed items big and small to the continuing Dossier. More to come.

Thanks also to Bruce Hodsdon. Adrienne McKibbins and Peter Hourigan for many contributions and finally to the supercinephile Barrie Pattison for his ceaseless scouring of the programs, the events, the TV schedules - all the dark places where cinephilia dwells.... and his reports and notes.

I should also mention that the interest in the affairs of AFTRS took me somewhat by surprise and has led to much commentary offered and received privately and not able to be published.

Here are the top ten items I think if you double click you will get through to the page in question.

30 Aug 2015, (on Duvivier's silent films)

2 Sep 2015 (on Duvivier's sound movies of the 30s

16 Feb 2015 onthe Australian cinema

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