Thursday 29 December 2022


And the winner is....

Irma Vep (Olivier Assayas)

 (All lists in alphabetical order) 

The Stranger (Thomas M Wright)

Best New Films…..…good stories…

Armageddon Time (James Gray)

Athena (Romain Gavras)

Broker (Hirokazu Koreeda)

Here Out West  (Leah Purcell, Fadia Abboud, Julie Kalceff, Lucy Gaffy, Ana Kokkinos)

Kompromat (Jérôme Salle)

Memoria (Apichatphong Weerasthekeul)

Les Olympiades Paris 13eme (Jacques Audiard)

The Outfit (Graham Moore)

The Quiet Girl (Colm Bairéad)

She Said (Maria Schrader)

The Stranger (Thomas M Wright)

The Whale (Darren Aronofsky)

The Wonder ( Sebastián Lelio)



A Spy Among Friends

Best TV

The Australian Wars (Rachel Perkins)

Being the Ricardos (Aaron Sorkin)

Delhi Crime (S2) (Richie Mehta)

Entrapped (Baltasar Kormakur)

Irma Vep (Olivier Assayas)

Mystery Road:Origin (Dylan River + Blake Ayshford, Kodie Bedford, Timothy Lee, Steven McGregor)

The Offer (Michael Tolkin & Albert S Ruddy)

The Old Man (Jonathan E Steinberg & Robert Levine)

A Spy Among Friends (Alexander Cary, Nick Murphy)

Val Lewton: Man in the Shadows (Kent Jones, 2007)

The Watcher (Ryan Murphy & Ian Brennan)

White Lotus (S1 + S2) (Mike White)


Petrol (Alena Lodkina)

Australian Films

Ablaze (Alec Morgan)

Aaratika:Rise Up (Larissa Behrendt)

Here Out West (Leah Purcell, Fadia Abboud, Julie Kalceff, Lucy Gaffy, Ana Kokkinos)

Jeffrey Smart (Catherine Hunter)

Petrol (Alena Lodkina)

Senses of Cinema (John Hughes & Tom Zubrycki)

The Stranger (Thomas M Wright)


Old films not previously seen

Barabbas (Louis Feuillade)

Bedlam (Mark Robson)

Love and Duty (Richard Po)

Lydia Bailey (Jean Negulesco)

Pattes Blanches (Jean Gremillon)

Salo (Pier Paolo Pasolini)

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