Tuesday 26 April 2022

CINEMA REBORN – Off to a Flying Start – Tonight at 7.00 pm BEAU TRAVAIL (Claire Denis, France, 1999) – Introduced by Angelica Waite

Claire Denis

Expat critic Adrian Martin sums up our opener just so:

Beau Travail is a masterpiece (most fans regard it as Denis’ best so far), a film whose rich inner life only becomes more absorbing and intricate with repeated viewings. Oh, and have I mentioned the dance scenes? The film opens, stunningly, with a club crowd dancing to the Turkish hit by Tarkan, “Şımarık” (better known to Australians as “Kiss Kiss”, Holly Valance’s cover version), and ends, immortally, with one of cinema’s most extraordinary and oft-referenced spectacles: Lavant dancing his soul out to Corona’s 1993 “The Rhythm of the Night”. After seeing and hearing that, don’t let anyone tell you that disco is dead.  Click on the film title at the start of the paragraph to read the full version of Adrian's very illuminating Program Notes.


The film will be introduced by Angelica Waite (pictured above) a member of the Cinema Reborn Organising Committee.


Angelica has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Film Studies from the University of Sydney. Her Honours research centred around Abbas Kiarostami’s Close-Up(1990), exploring the film’s interaction with dynamics of perfomativity, transformation, and generative processes of ‘truthmaking’ in documentary film.


Angelica has been on the Organising Committee of Cinema Reborn since 2019. She also works in research and academic support at the University of Sydney Library and as a Media Manager at SBS.


In 2020, Angelica was co-founder of The Film Group, a collaborative film screening and publication project with a focus on documentary film and artists' moving image.     


Tonight’s screening begins at 7.00 pm. Tickets at regular Ritz prices ($8-21) are available at the door but if you want to avoid the line-up and go straight to the screening you can book online IF YOU CLICK HERE


There is a repeat screening of the film tomorrow Thursday 28th at 2.00 pm (no introduction) which you can also book on the link above.

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