Monday 25 April 2022

CINEMA REBORN 2022 - Young Australian film-makers and scholars Ivan Cerecina, Alena Lodkina and James Vaughan to present at Cinema Reborn.

One of Cinema Reborn’s features lies in the way it presents its program. At the main evening and weekend sessions each film will have an introduction by a person with some deep and abiding interest in the film. 

Among those presenting at Cinema Reborn 2022 are three young cinephiles who will bring fresh eyes to their subject.


Ivan Cerecina (above) who lectures in Film Studies at the University of Sydney will be introducing Ernst Lubitsch’s 1932 pre-Code comic masterpiece TROUBLE IN PARADISE at the session commencing at 6.00 pm on Thursday 28thApril.


Alena Lodkina is a young Melbourne-based film director whose debut feature STRANGE COLOURS (2017) was described by Luke Buckmaster in The Guardian as ‘very fine, very memorable”. Luke went on to note that it belongs to a long line of films that contemplate remote Australian locations and the people who inhabit them – from The Back of Beyond to Wake in Fright and the Mystery Road series. 


The film emerged out of the Venice Film Festival’s  Cinema College (where the picture above was taken). Alena is now readying a second feature for production but is making the trip from Melbourne to Sydney especially to introduce Andrei Tarkovsky’s MIRROR at the 8.15 session on Friday 29 April at the Randwick Ritz.


James Vaughan, who joined the Cinema Reborn Organising Committee for the 2022 festival, has recently had quite a success with his debut feature FRIENDS AND STRANGERS. That film has screened at festivals throughout Australia and the world, including very prestigious events in New York and London, and was the only Australian film to be listed in Sight & Sound’s annual round up of the best fifty films of the year. A singular honour especially as the film was made on a miniscule budget but looks like it cost a million dollars.


James (pictured above) will be introducing Edmund Goulding’s 1947 noir classic NIGHTMARE ALLEY  starring Tyrone Power at its screening at 7.45 pm on Sunday 1 May.


Advance bookings for all films may be made if you got to this page on The Randwick Ritz website


If you would like to read more about both films then head for this page on  The Cinema Reborn website where you will find comprehensive notes by Rod Bishop on MIRROR, John Baxter on NIGHTMARE ALLEY and Geoff Gardner on TROUBLE IN PARADISE.

As  a matter of interest MIRROR is currently leading in the race for the Cinema Reborn Box Office champion for the year.

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