Monday 6 May 2019

Adam Bowen's Talkie Talk #58 - New movies, old movies on TV and Vale John Singleton


Kilian Jornet: Path to Everest (2018) – doco about mountain athlete, Kilian Jornet Burgada.

All is True (2018) Biopic of William Shakespeare’s final days. The Bard is played by Kenneth Branagh; Judi Dench is Anne Hathaway.

The Hustle – Rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway (not Mrs Shakespeare) are con artists who join forces to take revenge on the men who’ve done ‘em wrong.

Poms – Inmates of a retirement village, Jacki Weaver, Pam Grier and Diane Keaton, become late-onset cheer-leaders, and join the queue to Vote Tony Out.

The Night Eats the World/La Nuit a Dévoré Le Monde (2018) – French zombies invade Paris.

Pokémon Detective Pikachu - an intelligent Pikachu wants to become a detective

Aga (2018) – in the Arctic, after a family feud, a father searches for his daughter.

Student of the Year 2 - Bollywood romantic-comedy-drama.

The Spanish Film Festival is screening until May 26th!


Thursday 8.30pm & Friday Noon Fox ClassicsYoung Frankenstein (1974) – Mel Brooks’ parody in which the photography (Gerald Hirschfeld) and art direction (Dale Hennesy) outshines the laughs, but there’s enough classic silliness to detain you.

Saturday 1.30pm 9Gem: The Captive Heart (1946) – Michael Redgrave (so diffident!), is a Czech soldier escaping from the Nazis. He assumes the identity of a dead British soldier and becomes a POW. He now must correspond - by letter - with the wife (Rachel Kempson) of the man he’s impersonating. She’s surprised by the warmth imparted by her previously cold husband.  The relationship is not entirely credible, nor are the multi-strand/flashback love stories of the other POWs. However, the detailed depiction of the day-to-day lives of the men in the POW camp is very affecting. 

Saturday 3.30 9Gem: The Great Escape (1963): Entertaining Boys Own Adventure, based on actual WW2 events (and a book by Paul Brickhill). Agroup of Allied flyers escape from the apparently escape-proof Stalag Luft 3. Starring Steve McQueen, Richard Attenborough, James Garner, James Coburn (with an appalling Aussie accent) and a cast of stalwart British character actors. Goes on a bit, but Daniel Fapp’s Panavision photography is luminous and Elmer Bernstein’s music perfect.

Sunday 8.30pm Fox Classics: Reversal of Fortune (1990) Did Claus von Bulow (Jeremy Irons), a European aristocrat, murder his wife (Glenn Close)? He appeals against the guilty verdict.  A classy court-room drama, (based on the actual Claus von Bulow affair), which switches between the building of the case, and glimpses into the lives of the rich and careless. 


John Singleton, aged 22, wrote and directed the outstanding Boyz N the Hood (1991), about three friends growing up in South Central Los Angeles. His subsequent films were neither so incendiary nor so highly acclaimed. Baby Boy (2001), however, about the family life of a young, immature wannabe gangster, was a stronger, much more thoughtful movie. His re-boot of Shaft (2000) was one of Singleton’s most successful commercial movies, along with 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003). He died of a stroke at the young age of 51.


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