Thursday 20 December 2018

Australian Experimental Film - A Season at the Austrian Film Museum

Albie Thoms (see Program 2)
Editor’s Note: Thanks to Adrian Martin for noticing the following programs screening at the Austrian Film Museum in Vienna on February 6 and 7. Here’s the info from the Museum's website You have to go a long way to see this stuff, notwithstanding the sterling efforts of Bill Mousoulis and others to get similar things done. Here’s the info and the programme

Australian experimental cinema contains many histories. One persistent storyline involves the use of the film medium as a tool to enlarge and enhance the viewer's perception. Another considers the recurrence of co-operative forms in an art practice marked by collectivism and collaboration. Yet another story relays artists' responses to the environment as a subject, protagonist and idea. These threads combine in the three programs of "A Collected Gaze".

A Collected Gaze 1: Play of Light
Bouddi (1970) Arthur und Corinne Cantrill. 16mm, Farbe, 8 min
Bondi (1979) Paul Winkler. 16mm, Farbe, 14 min
Waterfall (1984) Arthur und Corinne Cantrill. 16mm, Farbe, 18 min
One View (1985) Maggie Fooke und Chris Knowles. 16mm, Farbe, 13 min
Light Play (1986) Dirk de Bruyn. 16mm, Farbe, 7 min
Mind's Eye (1998) Gregory Godhard. 16mm, Farbe, 5 min
Last Train (2016) Dianna Barrie. 16mm, Farbe, 12 min
A Collected Gaze 2: Painting with Motion
Approximately Water (1972) Lynsey Martin. 16mm, Farbe, 3 min
223 = Two Two Three (1985) Dirk de Bruyn. 16mm, Farbe, 6 min
Tales from Vienna Hoods (1998) Marcus Bergner. 16mm, Farbe, 14 min
Rainbow Way (1977) George Gittoes. 16mm Farbe, 11 min
Fe (1973) Andrew Pike. 16mm, sw, 4 min
Bluto (1967) Albie Thoms. 16mm, Farbe, 6 min
Wax Into Gold (2001) Lee Smith. 16mm, Farbe, 7 min
Jdeb (2001) Lee Smith. 16mm, Farbe, 8 min
Flyscreen (2009) Richard Tuohy. 16mm, sw, 9 min
Soda (2017) Hanna Chetwin. 16mm, sw, 7 min

A Collected Gaze 3: Artist Film Workshop, Melbourne
Southern Climes (2018) Hanna Chetwin. 16mm, Farbe, 12 min
Tiangong-1 (2018) Paddy Hay und Louis Marlo. 16mm, Farbe, 8 min
Vyv and Beat (2018) Audrey Lam. 16mm, Farbe, 13 min
Family Photo (2018) James Waters. 16mm, Farbe, 4 min
Shoplifting (2018) Lucas Haynes. 16mm, Farbe, 7 min
Etienne's Hand (2003) Richard Tuohy. 16mm, sw, 13 min
Satellite Single (2018) Sabine Maselli. 16mm, sw, 9 min
Internal and External Objects (2018) Giles Fielke. 16mm, sw, 7 min
Pharmacy (2018) Giles Fielke. 16mm, Farbe, 10 min

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