Sunday, 21 October 2018

A Gleam in the Eye for a New Event in Late 2019 - THE MELBOURNE FILM-MAKERS FESTIVAL.

Editor’s Note: Here’s an initiative that has me enthused. It’s a proposed festival designed to screen movies by enthusiasts, beginners, experimentalists, people working outside the system. At least that’s what it looks like to me. In recent times I’ve become more acutely aware of just what it was the old Film-Maker Co-operatives did to support film-making at this level. I mentioned a few things when I commented on the AACTA screenings here and I applauded the move of the Adelaide Film Festival to give Bill Mousoulis the chance to program a selection of indy work for this year’s event. Regrettably for Adelaide there wont even be a chance to repeat the exercise until 2020.

This note below is about a crowd-funding exercise to get a new event in Melbourne kickstarted. Read the text below which is taken from the crowd-funding webpage and kick in anything you can. Melbourne Film-makers Festival

Melbourne needs a decent underground film festival, and the Melbourne Filmmakers Festival is set to be it. 

The MFMF will be a chance for filmmakers working at the underground, experimental, strange, emerging and micro-budget end of things to get their films in front of the public, but also – and maybe more importantly – an annual gathering for Australian filmmakers to meet like-minds, develop a sense of a national and worldwide community, and draw inspiration from a variety of films and filmmakers they might otherwise never see or meet.

Plans are underway for the inaugural festival in the second half of 2019, and the initial crowdfunding target of $5,000 will get us kick-started and prepared for the Call for Entries in a couple of months, but anything close to that should get us on our way.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to offer in the way of incentives, apart from the following:

- A hand-written & signed “thank you” postcard

- Exclusive progress updates, including some videos, almost definitely

- If you’re a filmmaker, and you enter a film, a donation now can be deducted from your entry fee

- If you’re a punter, a donation now can be deducted from festival tickets and passes.

So, get in on the ground floor with this great offer, and in years to come you can wave around a faded, yellowing 40 cent postcard and brag that you helped get this nonsense past the starting line.

It won’t be entirely decent, but it’s guaranteed fascist-free.

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