Monday, 22 October 2018

North Bellarine Film Festival - special focus of experimental and avant-garde movies

Experimental film-maker and festival curator David King draws attention to the the North Bellarine Film Festival. The 2018 Festival will be held over the weekend of 16-18 November. The program will feature seriously good recent feature films  together with two sessions of short films. Among the features is the recent film by Shane and Clayton Jacobson Brothers' Nest

The short film sessions will not be ticketed (free admission). In addition, there will be a program of experimental and avant-garde films, also not ticketed. David is the curator of the experimental and avant-garde strand and here’s the description.
Eye-popping, thought-provoking, and mind-bending are just some of the ways to describe the line-up of films in the Animation + Experimental + Avant-Garde film program screening from 2 - 4 pm at Portarlington Neighbourhood House on Sunday 18 November. If you're tired of the predictability and formulaic tropes of mainstream cinema and want something more challenging and surprising, this is the program for you.

Boogie Stomp Pink
Whether it's the sublime animation and surprise ending of Paris Mavroidis' Divers, the nightmarish black and white vision of Johnny Clyde's Noctiflora, the toe-tapping swing of Stuart Pound's Boogie Stomp Pink, the surreal mindscapes of Murat Sayginer's Dust, the eerie procession of painterly images in Ihor Podolchak's Merry Go Round, or the silent interrogation of Lucia Sellars' The Line, the program will have something to feast the eyes and feed the mind. Clifton Springs artist Tony Convey opens Pandora's Box in The Box and Portarlington's David King takes us on a haunting existential journey in Lost in a Borgian Labyrinth. 
Gold Coast video poet Marie Craven delights with The Sea, Melbourne's Kim Miles tantalises with To Master A Long Good Night, and South Australian experimentalist Alison Chhorn pays homage to some classic avant garde works in her music video Author of the Accident. For an eye-popping grand finale we have the mesmerising USA - Australia digital animation 140 Characters.

There is a trailer for the experimental session that can be found if you click here

Filmmakers and patrons attending only this session of the Festival 
may travel to and from Melbourne aboard Port Phillip Ferries at half-price. Anyone wanting a ferry voucher to come to David King's program in Portarlington on Sunday 18 November should contact David by email at 

Booking for sessions use the form you can find if you click here

The 2018 Festival is supported by the Federation of Victorian Film Societies, Blue Pencil Publishing, the Portarlington Neighbourhood House; the Portarlington Film Society; helloworld Travel; the Portarlington and Drysdale Bendigo Community Bank; Bellarine Estate Winery; Bouchon at Bellarine; Stockdale & Leggo Real Estate, Drysdale and Portarlington; Neville Richards Real Estate, Port Phillip Ferries; the Portarlington Beach Motel; Tavids Print Group and the City of Greater Geelong Potato Shed, Drysdale.
Shane Jacobson, Sarah Snook Brother's Nest

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