Sunday 24 September 2017

On DVD - A shout -out for VIVACIOUS LADY (George Stevens, USA, 1938) and a song by Ginger Rogers

The evening viewing.

In Five Came Back, the fine doco series about five American film directors and their work during WW2,  its revealed that George Stevens was never the same man after his service. He tried to return to making light comedies but couldn't do it. What he had seen in the war rested too heavily on him. By chance the pile of DVDs to watch came up with La Donna Vivace, an Italian edition of the 1938 Vivacious Lady, acquired at Florence's wondrous DVD store Alberti Dischi near San Lorenzo. 

James Stewart and Ginger Rogers have a whirlwind romance and marry the night they meet. Stewart's father (Charles Coburn) doesn't approve of her at first sight and his fiancee is even less impressed. It all works out in the end of course.

What attracts Stewart to Rogers is her appearance in a night club when she sings this rather fine song. The sequence has been posted on YouTube  

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