Tuesday 21 July 2015

An email exchange with Screen Australia

Following my outburst about a proposal whereby Screen Australia announced it is  workshopping some new approaches to building pride in Australian film, I sent in some questions about what might be happening. Here's the reply I got.

Hi Geoffrey

We aren’t yet at a place to talk about plans – because we are still in the scoping and discussion stage.

I will come back to you about your specific questions shortly.

Best wishes


To which I responded

Dear Imogen

Thank you for your reply. I must say that since I posted my piece I have been told that Michael Bodey also made some uncomplimentary remarks about your plans. It’s not enjoyable to be lumped in with a Murdoch press maven, particularly weeks later, but that’s what happens to people who have made a lifetime vow to avoid that arm of the media. Oh well....

If indeed this exercise is to be conducted in any public way I’d be most interested to follow what’s happening. I’m of course still somewhat bemused that Screen Australia would be hiring PR people for it but if there is to be any further reporting or public consultation then that’s something I’d like to pass on to my devoted reader.

Best wishes

Geoff Gardner 

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  1. Just to update, in case you think more info might have been received, as of 29 July the above-mentioned further response is still awaited with much anticpation


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