Sunday 5 July 2015

AFTRS and After Sandra Levy number 8 or so

Bob Ellis has this thing on his blog whereby he notes the time that has elapsed since the last act of political terrorism lead to  a death. Here’s how he puts it each day: It is a hundred years and one hundred and ninety-nine days since an Australian was killed by terrorist attack in Australia. When, at last, another death occurs in this way it will be noted here.
Taking this simple but useful model, I’ll make the following assertions: It is at least sixty days since the AFTRS Council sent the name of the School’s proposed new CEO to the Minister for the Arts for him to submit to the Governor-General for appointment. It is at least 14 days since the term of the previous CEO Sandra Levy expired.
George Brandis, every day and in every way, revealed further as an arrogant buffoon, has much to answer for and no one is asking him any questions as to why he has behaved in this manner.

I shall keep you informed on a daily basis from now until George gives in and does what the AFTRS legislation requires him to do.

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