Tuesday 28 March 2023

CINEMA REBORN 2023 MARCH NEWSLETTER #3 - Cinema Reborn website goes live, Hot Tickets, SERIOUS UNDERTAKINGS, BLIND SPOT, Charitable Donations

Still from Sunrise (FW Murnau, USA, 1927) 



News on Cinema Reborn 2023 follows



Our dedicated website is now live and you can find it  IF YOU CLICK HERE  Organising Committee member Angelica Waite put in some long hours to get this done after the previous domain name we had used since 2018 was abruptly cancelled and the site taken down. But we are again up and running and over the next few weeks we’ll be publishing a huge amount of material devoted to our 2023 program. We are always delighted that scholars, cinephiles and enthusiasts from all over the world contribute to our extensive notes and this year will be no different. Cinema Reborn's dedicated website has gone live today. 

The first batch of essays about each of our programs includes Dan Harper and Peter von Bagh on SHOESHINE

Darcy Paquet on IEOH ISLAND


Lukas Foerster on I BY DAY YOU BY NIGHT

We’ve received specially written contributions from, in alphabetical order, John Baxter (in Paris), Eddie Cockrell, Adrian Danks, Hamish Ford, Helen Goritsas, Adrian Martin (in Barcelona), Scott Murray , Anne Rutherford, Janice Tong and others whose work is being reprinted from such sources as Senses of Cinema and the catalogue of Il Cinema Ritrovato in Bologna. Bookmark our site and keep checking in to find the newly published material. Once you’ve read the notes there are links to bookings and session times on the Ritz website.

Jeanne Moreau, Anthony Perkins, The Trial

Selling Fastest

The (ahem) hottest tickets for this year’s program are  Jean Eustache's THE MOTHER AND THE WHORE Jacques Deray's LA PISCINE/THE SWIMMING POOL Bernardo Bertolucci's THE LAST EMPEROR and Orson Welles' THE TRIAL  Click on the titles to go through to make bookings, or check session times. The Eustache film screens once only, the others have two screenings.


Our only Australian Film this year

Back in 2018 in our first season Cinema Reborn screened films by Ian Dunlop, Michael Thornhill, Jane Campion, Corinne Cantrill, Dave Jones and Peter Tammer. It’s a bit disappointing that this year there will only be one Australian film in our programme. It will however  be the world premiere of the digitally restored copy of Helen Grace's SERIOUS UNDERTAKINGS. Long unseen on a cinema screen the film has been restored by Helen Grace, DoP Erika Addis and film-maker Ray Argall. It will screen as part of a double bill with Claudia von Alemann's iconic film from 1980 BLIND SPOT/DIE REISE NACH LYON last seen at the 1981 Sydney and Melbourne Film Festivals.


SERIOUS UNDERTAKINGS swept all before it back in 1983. It won the Rouben Mamoulian Prize for Best Short Film, Sydney Film Festival, the Greater Union Award for Best Film in the General Category, Sydney Film Festival. Australian Film Institute Award for Best Experimental Film, Non-feature Section, Australian Film Institute. It was selected for screening at the Edinburgh Film Festival, London International Film Festival, Festival d’Automne, Paris, and festivals in Figueira da Foz, Melbourne, Rotterdam, San Francisco, Sceaux, Ann Arbor, Hong Kong and many others.


BLIND SPOT is the story of a woman who abruptly leaves her partner and young daughter in West Germany to travel to Lyon. There, she wanders near-empty streets in pursuit of Flora Tristan, the socialist feminist activist and writer who spent time in the French city in 1844, just months before her death. Although it is ostensibly a fictional narrative, Die Reise nach Lyon is also a metahistorical gambit, a cinematic search for a feminist approach to the feminist past. 


The program will be introduced by Helen Grace and Associate Professor Jane Mills at its first screening on Sunday 30 April at 2.30. There will be an additional afternoon screening on Tuesday 2 May at 12.00pm Photos below feature Rebecca Pauly in BLIND SPOT. 


Bookings https://www.ritzcinemas.com.au/movies/blind-spot-1981


The back streets of Lyon, Rebecca Pauly, 
Blind Spot

Tax Deductible Charitable Donations

Cinema Reborn is an organisation devoted exclusively to exploring the Cinema's heritage. It is managed and organised by a group of dedicated film professionals here working solely on a voluntary basis to assemble an annual selection of cinema classics from around the world.

Cinema Reborn has relied, since its inception, on the generosity of donors who support our aims and are committed to the annual project of bringing cinema classics back to a big screen in perfect new digital copies. Without such support the event could not be presented.


To make a large or small tax deductible donation to support our work CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE AUSTRALIAN CULTURAL FUND

Our Trailers

Dont forget to check out the very evocative CINEMA REBORN TRAILER or the trailers for THE MOTHER AND THE WHORE  LA PISCINE/THE SWIMMING POOL and THE TRIAL

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