Friday 5 August 2022

Tina Kaufman offers up her books on film and her collection of crime fiction to good homes.

The board of Filmnews.
Tina Kaufman (front and centre)

Tina Kaufman has been a cinephile and an avid reader all her life. Now she says its time to downsize the collection she has accumulated over a lifetime.

She has a large collection of books and magazines on film but isn't up for the task of compiling a list. Instead she proposes that people contact her and arrange to come and look her collection over and take away what they want. It's a generous offer.

And just in case books on film are not your bag Tina has a large collection of classic and modern crime fiction. She suggests you bring one or more boxes to take the treasure away.

In case you need a reminder Tina was the editor of the Sydney Filmmakers Coop monthly newspaper, Filmnews for seventeen years. The newspaper covered all aspects of screen culture, policy and practice. Tina also wrote for various screen publications including Metro magazine and the online publication Screen Hub. She was a board member of the Sydney Film Festival for 25 years and a founding member of the Film Critics Circle of Australia and is now an honorary life member of both organisations. She is also the author of Wake in Fright (Currency Press)

If you are interested you should contact Tina at

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